October 12, 2015

Dear IHF Participant;

At this time the Board of Directors of the International Hunter Futurity has determined that the IHF program must be discontinued.  For over 30 years the IHF has awarded prize money to those horses nominated to the program but it is no longer economically feasible to continue.  Please remember that the source of all of the IHF prize money has always been the nomination and starting fees.   Over the past several years the nominations of both foals and stallions have been declining as well as the participation in the competitions offered.  Without a generous donation for the past three years from an anonymous donor we would not have been able to continue for as long as we have.  Please note that all the IHF participants have signed the nomination form agreeing to the following special condition found under item number eighteen:  “The IHF reserves the right to cancel, postpone, or change the conditions of all or any part of the IHF, including limiting the number competing in the IHF, without liability.”

The Board unanimously voted to cease operations effective immediately and sincerely regrets having to make this decision.


Ernie Shook
for The Board of Directors of The International Hunter Futurity

Welcome to the official webpage of The International Hunter Futurity.  Over many years, the IHF has become an established and prestigious part of the hunter show world.  It provides a continuum of shows from hunter breeding through performance under saddle and over fences.  Many successful "line" horses have gone on to compete in performance within the futurity and in open competition.  The recognition owners and breeders receive through this program has increased value for both their nominated stallions and nominated offspring.

The International Hunter Futurity Mission

The International Hunter Futurity, a competition for young hunters, has emerged as a method of promoting the hunter to a position of prominence in the world of horse sports.  The objectives of the Hunter Futurity are:

  • To increase interest in and enthusiasm for breeding and showing quality hunters.
  • To establish a lucrative incentive program to encourage owners to promote their horses and investments.
  • To present a financially rewarding program, with the highest money prizes ever offered in the hunter ring.
  • To increase the competitive position of hunters within the world of horse sports.

It is the pursuit of excellence that The Futurity represents and the excellence in our sport it will encourage.

What is a Futurity?

A "futurity" is a type of competition in which stallions are nominated in order to have their offspring be eligible for the futurity competitions.  This is done by paying a fee each breeding season.  In addition, owners nominate their young horses (only those sired by "nominated" stallions) by paying a fee.  Then these young horses are eligible to show in the designated competitions.  These fees provide the funds to offer a generous payback to both winning offspring and their sires. 


Kathy Gilbertson, Executive Director
Post Office Box 13244, Lexington, KY 40583-3244
phone: (859) 879-3600 - fax: (859) 879-3608